Sunday, December 14, 2008

The winds of Change

Its been long......really long
Loads have changed............
The city, the residence, the life in general........
But few things stay for ever , some thorns hurt forever , some flowers blossom besides you forever..........
Though new friends rise to the occasion , old remain forever............
Though family members add, old ones stay for you forever...........
Well.even I dont know the number of times I have written the word"forever" :)
So , its time to move on .....Its time to be in a new city , a new culture , with new passions ,.............but leading the same old path called LIFE.....
But one question always haunts me .......
No clue , and also , why do we always keep struggling , that too , not with anyone else but with ourselves............The only thing you achieve by strugglin ur ar*e off is a chance........a chance to strive again rub urself against the turf yet again to achieve more chance.
Uncertainity lays beside everything , moreso nowadays...big guns runnin out of fuel even when fuel's getting dead cheap.........gues this is what Kalyug is .
So, what does it imply in the changing times..........Chances are becoming extinct and struggling is over breeding.
Hey , time to remember the good old cliche...
When the going gets tough, the tough gets going
But where??
No one knows.....
What if the tough one runs out of fuel...........
So easy to become a looser, so tough to maintain the status of a non-looser
Life asks questions constantly , and leaves you confused permenently
Right , I am too confused .............
And I think you must have figured it out till now

Saturday, June 14, 2008

The sizzling heart

Sometimes in life you are caught in funny situation. You are perplexed by the magna of importance you give to those who don't deserve and worst still , in this deal you tend to forget those who deserve it the most.

This situation arises from the most common human tendency of trying to achieve whats far, take the farther farthest and in the meanwhile stamping on the fresh healthy grass right underneath waiting and longing for your gentle touch.

The big question arises is - Whats the mistake of this grass? Is it only that it recognized your importance first and didn't act as though its a coconut hanging from the skyline.

Coconut- It forces you to a painful experience of climbing on a rough try before you have it.Or hits you hard on your skull if you are on the ground.And if you are not craving for it , it is peacefully waiting for you on the ground , so you can come and kick it around or have it at your ease.

Life is really strange and its get stranger as it passes.Relationships are even weirder .
The more you crave the more you are in the grave.

And then finally you are joyous because you discover the cliched saying true - Grass is greener on the other side.And also that a man learns from his own mistake.

Bullshit......A man digs his own grave , waits for others to fill the ditch and when the idiot realizes that no one is interested he comes out to fill it himself.Result he digs his grave again and wait again. This is what learning from one's own mistake means.
The ones near and dear come up to him and thrash him for his stupidness but the idiot will remain idiot .He will ask for so called autonomy and continue with his stupid game.

Now whats the solution.Actually there isn't any. Cause the idiot will continue to think the grass as moron and the coconut as dexter.He will continue to stamp the grass and rub his ass to bleeding to get that funny coconut.

As I say - It all in his brain.And whats "its" in here."Its" is nothing.
Thus void leads the idiot into the ditch and forces him to fill his own grave.Alas , if he would have given even an iota of importance to the grass.The grass would have showed him the way to prosperity.

But "Its all in there" and our idiot thinks he is a supernova of a brain and thus is happy to be covered with shit on the earth to aim for stars even when he has a choice of being on stars and shitting on the earth.


Saturday, June 7, 2008

The Social Aspect

Human is a social animal. Affirmative

Hence one of the primary requirement of an individual is social comfort and security. But the art lies in balancing all the social fronts.As all are aware humans is bestowed upon by multiple relationship loads at every stage of his/her life.May he be a newborn looking around the world full of aliens and strangers ( subtle difference between these two).Next is the case of a two year old when the lad tries to differentiate between known/unknown)
Moving to 5 year old where the child enters into new relationship domain called friendship.This is the first time the chap sets relationship outside his family circle.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

The Sleepless City

This one draws inspiration from my visit to the sleepless city-Mumbai.
I guess its called the sleepless city as their is no place for commeners to have a nap leave aside sleeping. With the advent of monsoons the city transforms into a romantic swamp with traffic horns hitting your years like supernovas.
Example- During my intern here it often used to take me just about two hours to travel a long distance of 5 km .And why didnt I walk--- Cause first of all you need to able to see the ground before you start to think about walking.
Hail Mumbai.The only thing I love about Mumbai is that I don't find anything here lovable ( except mine family , ofcourse).
Well and guess what -Anil Ambani is getting an underground metro built in the city which is virtualy flooded to a standstill during monsoons.Hail Mumbai
The tower during construction built in the middle of the road recently fell - killing 1 or 2, but this is an immortal city .No one cares here.
I agree Mumbai has loads of positives to.Auto waalas put the meter on the moment u sit in his auto.Very unlike Delhi where you spent the first 10 minutes bargaining and the journey trying to ensure that the auto wala is not using the centripetal effect on you ( moving you in circles).
Mumbai janta are generaly nice but ya unconcerned.
Rest all here id just OK
In short i love Delhi and m indifferent bout Mumbai

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

The string effect

Everyone in this world is looking for money, comfort and importance.
The previous two depends on persons efforts , the last both on his efforts and attitude.

An important question is what happens if u try to pull a string accross.Ya , at first it tries to hold itself.You apply more stress, its stubborn , its still tries to regain its shape.
But ur the king/queen of your area too , you stress it even more.String has two alternatives either to snap immediately .This will allow it to hold its identity even as it falls or

Second option is to deform.In normal language we call it adjustment.You adjust uptil a limit .Then once come a situation when you hold ur hands up and give in.So the string too tries to easen out uptil a limit.It tries to mold itself to its master, and then finaly its gives in , it snaps.But it gets extra moments of life by doing so. And there may be also a situation , it survives after little adjustment.
But its not predictable

So like all my posts I post the question to my readers again , what should the string do , snap immediately , or strive to survive???
Please comment

The Subtle Difference

So after the hard confussion of zombo lets move to one of his othe problems,
which most of the mortals would possess.
As I have made it clear this blog space is only for mortals and the so called commoners , the rest can take the safe passage out.In short SUPERNATURALS STAY OUT.

Often heard of dialoges like- phew i missed it by a whisker, i would have done better if .....
just my hardluck.The most famous of Zombo.He has spent his whole life criticising the circumstances , the eventualities and the process.Even destiny was not left alone.
But in heart of his heart ( Dont knw wht dat means) he knew, ---- boy , I am fooling whom???

Surely as elderly people say , he was making a mockery of himself.He was digging his own grave.But the critical question that he used to ask himself was- " I have two alternatives---One , I confess thats there is something wrong with me or my efforts.
Positives-Iwill not fool myself and on a idealistic note truth always makes you feel more confident ( like u feel after having cleaned ur teeth with PEPSODENT).
Negitives-Boy will my audience scratch me of with questions like why , how, when.Will I get really pissed off by hearing about my shortfalls.
Common why not take the shortcut, why try to act god
Why not the second choice- Blame anyone or everyone.Fortune , destiny is the easiest to blame .Afterall who will go and testify from destiny.:)HEE HAA Way to go
Positives- Many, shortcut, you come clean, no messing.
Negitives- A guilt feeling remains embedded in your heart
But this wil go as soon as I taste success"
This is what are dear Zombo thought

Now like my every post I will put a question to my audience, which path do you choose and what do you sugeest Zombo????

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The Surreal World

First trying writing , dont know about the rules, but would not care for them even if they are any
Its gonna be my way
Its all about a person Zombester
Life has been a roller coaster ride , but not driven by zombester.The foolish soul has always riden on camels back to enjoy life to fullish.The camel's back assured that the chap gets all the lime light .But did that zombo know he has to take his own tough dicissions.Well am not saying Zombo regretted later the camels back , infact he enjoyed the hump to tail.
Perhaps he is still enjoying it.The problem he has started to realize his soon his camel gonna leave the lovely oasis and he would head for the stormy desert.
The catch - This zombo doesnt even know to haddle the camel leave aside maneuring it safely to the next inhabitation.In short Zombo is in for it BIG TIME.
Like any filmy hero Zombo thought he is great and he can achieve what others can only dream of. The croc-headed chap thought his instints would lead him to success and the frugal hardwork he does would help him accross the desert.Zombo was stupid to the extent he felt that he can find gold at any path he chose.The chap forgot, he is in a dessert , better look for the BLACK GOLD - the oil , but cant help , had always ridden on the camel back.
Poor chap is not aware of ground realities.Now what to do .He faces a dessert ahead.He feels like a hero but on back of the mind he is a CHICKEN.A chiken without wings, the world suddenly opening to him.
Hey , Zombo is Mr Zombester Harkaeder, he is a full grown independent lad.He has to come down from the hump now and find his own path.
He has two options- Either be brave enough to try to navigate on his own, find his own path by inserting his special zombo flags on the way in sand .These flags may get distroyes by sandstrom , disabling him from finding a way back home.But this surely wil be brave.
But as Zombo believes - Bravery is mostly foolish.
Or the other solution is to follow the footprints on sand of his succesors.But these may disappear in thin air in middle of the path. And he may also start to follow someone headed to nowhere.
What should Zombo do ???
Please suggest.....................